The Business Resilience Pledge shows your commitment to creating safer and stronger business practices. By taking the #PadlockPledge, you can take the steps towards safeguarding your business for your staff, customers and clients.

Good business resilience practices not only give peace of mind but can also save your organisation a considerable amount of money in the long run.


For example; every unwanted fire alarm that the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service attends incurs a cost to the fire service of £1970. The average cost to businesses due to interruption is £848.

By implementing effective resilience practices across your business such as regularly reviewing your fire risk assessments, you are lessening the chances of incurring large costs and disruption to your day to day operations.

Make your business more resilient and take the #PadlockPledge today! Choose from a range of pledges below or make your own! 

"To put business resilience at the heart of our organisation."

“To build stronger partnerships which supports safer business and communities.”

"To regularly review our fire risk assessments in our organisation. 

“To have a physical premises assessment to make our organisation safer.”

“To introduce lone worker training in our business.”

“To create a safe business travel policy.”

‘To take the 10 Steps to Business Resilience Assessment.”

"To become AEO Accredited to support improved security in the supply chain." 

“To create a robust business continuity plan.”

Create your own! 

Choose Your #PadlockPledge


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