Strong cyber security is of critical importance in today’s digital world. The Cyber Resilience Pledge encourages businesses of all sizes to take the steps towards tackling the ever-growing cyber threat landscape.  

Did you know that six out of ten businesses who have fallen victim to cyber-attacks do not recover and close within six months? This shocking statistic demonstrates why it’s so important that organisations put in place robust procedures to safeguard themselves should this ever happen.

By signing up to the #PadlockPledge your business can take steps to mitigate potential threats and take advantage of the support and advice provided by our cyber team.

Become more cyber resilient and take the #PadlockPledge today!

Choose from a range of pledges below or make your own! 

“To collaborate with others in the cyber field.”

To undertake a digital footprint to find out what information exists online about me and my business.”

“To become Cyber Essentials Certified.”

“To undertake security testing to help safeguard our business.”

“To complete table top exercises to help be more resilient to cyber- attacks.”

“To make our passwords more complex”

“To create regular secure backups to support business continuity.”

“To review cyber security policies to ensure they are up to date and robust.”

“To participate in cyber security awareness training.”

“To create emergency response procedures to tackle cyber threats.”

Create your own! 

Choose Your #PadlockPledge


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