The #PadlockPledge is a clear commitment to safety and resilience as part of the Safer Business, Stronger Scotland campaign.

Open to businesses of all sizes, from micro home-based businesses to global companies, the #PadlockPledge is your opportunity to support a nation-wide campaign dedicated to making Scotland’s businesses safer and more resilient.

By taking the #PadlockPledge, not only will your business become more secure, but you will join a network of businesses making a positive difference to the Scottish economy through building business resilience and safer communities.

The Business Resilience Pledge shows your commitment to creating safer and stronger business practices. By taking the #PadlockPledge, you can take the steps towards safeguarding your business for your staff, customers and clients.

Strong cyber security is a critical importance in today’s digital world. The Cyber Resilience Pledge encourages businesses of all sizes to take the steps towards tackling the ever-growing cyber threat landscape.  


The Safer Communities Pledge shows your commitment to strengthening community engagement and resilience. From increasing public confidence, to preparing and dealing with emergencies and many more.  

Get involved! Take the #PadlockPledge! Choose one or our recommended pledges or make one of your own!



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